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A new shopping reward website, pays millions of online shoppers’ real cash for shopping. The site,, is the first and only website in India to give hard cash rewards to customers for making online purchases.
Online shoppers can benefit from potentially earning Thousands of Rupees each year in cash back on their purchases. There are literally thousands of retailers who offer various deals. What’s more, the process of getting cash back is very easy – all it takes are a few clicks.
You’d be thinking that perhaps cashback sounds too good to be true. Retailers offer incentives for driving new customers to their sites and these incentives used to be paid to any site that could drive a customer to their site. ApnaCashback pass these incentives directly to the customers. That, as it turns out, is an attractive proposition to customers as generates a lot of leads for retailers.
Every time a shopper buys or shops from any of the stores partnering with ApnaCashBack, they get a percentage of the sales price back in cash. The cash back can vary from 1% to 15% depending on the store.
ApnaCashBack partners with some of the leading brands in India providing a wide range of stores and products you can choose to shop from. “This is very important for us, to partner with the leading brands, since Indian shoppers are very selective as to where they shop from, and the brands and merchants they trust.” said Mr. Laxminarain Arora, Marketing Head,
“ApnaCashBack receives commission for the sale made through us, and we further pass it on to the consumers. This is a win-win situation for both seller and the buyer, and especially in this time of credit crunch when people are choosing to save money wherever they can, ApnaCashBack offers real cash incentive on everything they buy.”
Online Retailing is a multi-billion dollar market in US and other western countries, where people have made e-shopping a part of their life style. On the contrary, India has remained a very tough e-retailing market, but latest trends do see a positive change as more and more people use Internet to buy smaller products, book air tickets, send gifts and flowers online.
NRIs are another segment where ApnaCashBack focuses on. NRIs can shop through the website and send their reward or gift checks to their family in India with no extra conversion charges.
“We believe this would be seen as opening up of consumer centric e-retailing sector in India and we are poised well and determined to provide amazing deals and rewards to our users.” added Mr Laxminarain.
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Last updated 4 Apr 2011