Developer description

Have you ever had a party in which the drinks are not flowing, people are only on their phones and not really talking and enjoying themselves?
And have you ever had a party that everyone is drinking, girls are flirting, guys are laughing and there is a certain chemistry and feeling in the air.
Normally, these two completely different paths are randomly attached to each night. But what if there was a FREE (with a premium option) Party App that would promote a party atmosphere.
Appyshot app is exactly that, available for iOS and Android, launched in December, it already reached TOP4 app in Entertainment here in Portugal.
It works by firstly, choosing the categories you want to play, writing the players names and then it starts! Challenges and questions will be made that will have drinks as “punishment”.
The factor that sets apart Appyshot is its versatility, you have 9 categories and you can combine the one’s you want, making the perfect game for each party. Since Roleplay and Music to Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather.
BUT, the real value maker of this app is not even that, it is really the questions and challenges made, and what they bring to the party. Making everyone get out of their own worlds, making everyone talk to each other and get out of their comfort zone.
A lot of people have been long waiting to party together again, since Covid took over the world, the media and our lives.
This can be something to bring back fun and exciting times to our lives.

Last updated 17 Mar 2022

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