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Blaze for Twitter is the best designed Twitter Client. Lots of colors, Material Design, beautiful animations and every thing fluid.
* Multiple Layouts- four gorgeous layouts to choose from
1. Full- Best looking one. Full sized images most gorgeous.
2. Medium- Classy design, fast loading medium sized images.
3. Thumbnail- Very compact, loads preview thumbnails best for slow networks.
4. Text Only- Want to completely disable Images from Timeline, this layout is for you.
* Multiple Twitter Accounts
- Seamless switching between accounts, just a swipe from the edge.
* Notification
- Notifications about all direct messages and mentions when your system broadcasts that it is free, so no overhead on your device's processors and battery life during background sync.
* Mutes
- Mute hashtags, mentions, users and retweets.
* Color Themes
- Includes best colors for both dark and light Themes.
* Conversations
- Full conversations of any tweet. From all the ' In reply to' tweets, to all the replies of the tweet itself all in one place.
* URL Shortening
- support for URL shortening.
* Streaming
- Stream tweets for all the logged in accounts.
* Emojis everywhere
- Beautiful colorful emojis all over the app. More than 800 colorful emojis available to send and display.
* Auto
-complete everywhere
- Auto-complete for mentions, hashtags, trends, and recent searches.
* Twitlonger and Twishort services supported
- Send tweets with no character limits anymore by Twitlonger or Twishort services. Automatically displays long tweet from these services.
* Pull To refresh.
* Multiple Image support
- Displays a list of images associated with the tweet.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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