Developer description

From our study we found out that most of the people hate to listen to lengthy voice menus when they dial their customer service. Many IVRs make you listen to irrelevant options before you get to the option relevant for you.

Breeze app solves these pain points by showing voice menus as visual text messages which the users can browse quickly even before placing the calls. It makes it much easier for exploring all the options available in the IVR system of their service providers. Easier to discover options hidden deep inside nested menus.

Users do not have to remember the numbers of their companies as Breeze lists it for you. Currently around 55 companies have been added to this app. You will see the list of companies growing in days to come.

You can book mark your frequently called number and even the specific IVR option you had chosen.

You will be able to cut your customer service call charges as they will be much quicker now.

You can download Breeze from the following play store link.
Currently the app is available for only Indian markets.

Also please visit our website at :

Last updated 2 Jan 2014

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