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1. Online Invoicing
Create and send complete and detailed invoices in a matter of minutes that are professional, accurate and can be sent to clients via email, fax or mail. Cloudbooks’ invoicing service offers the added features of international currency support and real-time monitoring so that you are alerted every time an invoice is opened.

2. One-Click Time Tracking
Cloudbooks easy-to-use time tracking software records the time that you or your employees spend working on tasks, and allows you to manually input time spent working on projects offline, too. This essential tool makes it simple to bill clients on an hourly basis and lets you analyze and manage how your time is being spent.

3. Online Payments
Cloudbooks comes integrated with PayPal, and Stripe to make receiving payments fast and easy. You can accept payments directly from your tablet or smartphone, and Cloudbooks will automatically setup payment reminders for your clients.

4. Send Estimates for Approval
Not only does Cloudbooks make it easy for you to create and send professional estimates to existing and potential clients, but our technology takes it one step further. Cloudbooks has the built in capability for your clients to approve or request revisions to digital estimates with just one click. And once estimates receive approval, Cloudbooks will convert them into projects that can be invoiced.

5. Track and Bill Expenses
Too often business owners lose sight of costly expenses that should be billed directly to the client. By tracking these expenses with Cloudbooks you can add them to invoices in just a few easy steps.

6. Automated Invoice Reminders
Cloudbooks eliminates the stress associated with aging invoices. With automatic reminders sent to clients alerting them of new invoices, due dates and past due notices, you will be

Last updated 19 Sep 2014

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