Developer description

CORPORATE SHIFT Technology changes everyday with an unimaginable pace. Games that were earlier used just as a tool for leisure have now reached out to a newer horizon with the help of rapidly evolving technology. CORPORATE SHIFT is one such example of a game that serves numerable purposes while keeping you entertained. It is a simple game with hidden ingenious tricks, where with each level you'll get smarter and quicker. The game will take you through highs and lows, moments when you'll want to throw your phone, moments when you'll feel surprised, moments when you'll feel accomplished. Probably the toughest game ever, CORPORATE SHIFT is a test of not only your gaming skills, but also various other attributes that make you a better professional. And if you are patient enough, this game might just turn out to be your very first step up the corporate ladder. In today's world which has turned into a corporate jungle, everyday between 9-5, a new ruler is born to dominate over others. Everyone has their own tricks and ploys of climbing up the corporate ladder. They might also be successful at times. They might play their best cards and manage to be at the top of their games. But at certain point the land beneath them is bound to shift, tables are sure to turn and the ups and downs are inevitable. But then, such is the corporate life. There is something you learn every time you earn! Keeping in mind the current scenario of this never ending corporate rat race, a brilliant idea was born. CORPORATE SHIFT is in a way, an amalgamation of the corporate world with the gaming universe. It gives you an insight into the professional world where your fight is to reach at the top and your weapons are your skills and your will power. It tests your patience....until you are about to lose it! CORPORATE SHIFT- a game for the game changers, is a brain child of Yask Kotak (a human computer interaction expert with strong acumen towards human behaviour and body language analysis) and Neha Shree (a graphic visualiser as well as ui/ux expert). CORPORATE SHIFT has been developed with a purpose of making a change and bringing dynamism in the process of recruitment at the same time providing a 2d gaming platform wherein you can spend your leisure hours indulging in a very challenging game which takes you for a thrilling ride through various exciting levels. It is a player's journey, beginning from the time that he prepares for a job interview, to the hurdles face by him along the way while reaching to his destination. The game then goes to the next level where the player reaches the organisation and is required to patiently study the nuances and surroundings and avoid the obstacles that distract him to reach to his final goal. Everyone is aware of the age old mandatory process of the rite of passage for transiting into the corporate world called the "interview". You pass the interviews you get the job. A boring, mundane and sometimes a life wrecking process. But at the same time necessary to gauge the suitability of a candidate for the particular job. But have you ever imagined of an alternative means of getting the same job done in a much more vigorous & dynamic way? What if there was another way of getting the golden ticket into the corporate world as well as keeping the exuberance alive? When a person is engrossed in a game he is technically in much more sound state of mind and aware about his next move. This is where CORPORATE SHIFT acts as an HR tool for companies who are willing to test their candidates on different grounds like: patience, determination, working under pressure, stress & time management as well as presence of mind & constant persistence to do better every time. The game which was initially developed as just a usual game for fun and leisure has reached to an unimaginable level through creative ideas of our team and our strong desire to bring a change. With CORPORATE SHIFT we aim at bringing a ground breaking evolution in the gaming world and alter the way games are perceived to be a mere measure of entertainment.

Last updated 5 Apr 2015