Developer description

Easy to start, difficult to master, DIGI Ball is addictive & won't let you quit.

"DIGI Ball" is physics based game, which makes you think, "Where should I tap?"

The goal of this game is to pot balls in the baskets. For each ball you manage to pot, you're rewarded with different amount of point and extra balls, depending on the basket you pot in.
Progress the game and game difficulty progresses. Try to reach the highest difficulty level to master your ball potting skills. Once you reach the highest difficulty level, pot as much as possible to achieve highest score on Leaderboard.

Game gets much challenging once you make to moving tile level. Now you need to think, "Where and when should I tap?" to get a successful pot.

When you lose all your balls, game restarts.

If you love playing small games like "3 Dots", "100 Balls" and "Don't tap white tile", you would like "DIGI Ball" :)

Last updated 25 Aug 2014

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