Developer description

Infeeds is an Online Bookmarking utility for people to save their Favorite Links, Questions and Notes. These Bookmarks are more than saving contents, all of the stuffs are shared on selected #Topics that makes content available to others to share, vote and discuss further.

Launched on 2nd May, 2014.

Uniqueness: Thing that makes Infeeds more power than any other social bookmarking network is its mechanism, that makes real-time things available to all active users, at least for once every content will come in front of active user and depends on him to vote or not. This profitable system helps in one more thing, the Questioning: Every question will for sure answered if there are thousands of people at a time, no matter on what page. Real-time Questions will follow user again depending on him of knowing answer or not.

Really smart mechanism that says its smarter than any other social bookmarking network is on its words. Everything works on user created topics in a well managed way, easy to share for everyone and really no offensive, bullying banned and really Independent to Share Anything (and it really means it, anything).

It Clearly specifies that, you must check it out by yourself how much your time it can save, and for now want people help to get into action and grow, we need to help it make big. Let's do it !!

Last updated 9 Jun 2014

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