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MetisMe (parent company Gusto Web Labs Private Limited) was founded by Shalin Tejpal Jain with a crystal clear focus of making Email better. It is also a part of The Morpheus – a premier accelerator in India – and currently has offices in Mumbai, India, and Redwood City, US. The story of MetisMe dates back to May 2012 when a non-techie decided to build a tech product that would revolutionize the way people manage their emails.

Every day, over 6 billion email attachments are exchanged all over the world. On an average working day, an individual spends almost 50% of work time on accessing emails, hunting for attachments and relevant conversations, and creating a repository for future reference, which together causes about 25% reduction in productivity. People hate scanning dozens of files to find a particular one. They hate managing them manually on a daily basis. This causes delay in work tasks, wastage of time and effort, and a lot of email clutter. Facing such chaotic and unproductive situations on a daily basis isn’t really worth the effort. That’s exactly when MetisMe steps into the picture to make managing email a quick and hassle-free process.

MetisMe’s revolutionary Attachment Management System seconds none other. MetisMe is easy to download, install, and use. It manages over 13 million email attachments daily and helps professionals by automating their workflow by enabling them to set rules to directly share files on cloud drives, add notes and clip conversations to Evernote, and easily manage their email attachments on-the-go. It helps them to save time by avoiding the mundane tasks of managing email attachments manually and can save up to 4 hours a week, which can be invested in doing something more productive. MetisMe is one such app that is useful for everybody from designers, to law firms, HR consultants, advertising and media professionals, sales professionals, bloggers and writers, and so on.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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