Developer description

We would like to tell you about an amazing Android app – Screentest. The app features high level visualization of over 2500 Asian Paints colours and effects and is aimed at users looking to paint their homes.

Following is the description for the app:

Screentest is an Android app for interior and exterior painting projects. It has various colour options available to help you decorate your home or room. You can choose from a variety of images in our Inspiration Wall and try different colour combinations on the image to find the ones that best suit you. Once you have done this you can also save and export your chosen combinations.

There is an also an online provision on our website to upload, cut and colour the image you have worked on.

We can assure you that Screentest will make painting your favourite room or house exciting and convenient.
So go ahead and add some colour to your life!
Special Features:
1) Image selection- Select an image from the Gallery or directly upload images from your mobile/tablet
2) Express and Advanced levels- For users who like detailing and precision, we have an advanced level which provides more comprehensive visualization tools
3) Sharing- Share your worked images with your friends and take their opinion on colours and combinations that you have created for yourself

Last updated 9 Aug 2014

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