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Developer description

FlyBy is developing an innovative way to monetize music on the web and on portable devices.
On portable devices FlyBy displays non-intrusive visual-only commercials on the screen of the portable music players. Fans receive credits every time they play an ad-enabled track. These credits can then be used to get more free music for their portable devices or to redeem other products such as concert tickets, DVDs, iPod cases, etc. Music fans can enjoy their music from anywhere in the world, and can sync their music devices directly from the web, without the necessity of installing any desktop software.
On the web FlyBy acts as an interactive search engine that connects artists and music fans. We allow our users to discover and play new music that is readily available for streaming and download via other websites and to bookmark it by adding it to personalized playlists. Music that is played on the web via FlyBy also brings credits to our music listeners and enables them to get more free music for their portable players.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011