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India’s largest gaming portal offering world-class online gaming experience. offers a wide array of games across interesting genres including:
Single Player free-to-play Games
- Action: Be innovative and defend a castle or a city or play the usual shooters at It’s a place for enthusiasts to unleash their rage. You’ll have bullets, guns, fists, etc at your disposal. Just abide by ‘No Rules’. Remember: Everyone wants a piece of the action.
- Puzzle: Enjoy some challenge for those grey cells? Charge them up and solve the mysteries thrown at you by Be it underwater, in the sport field or on board, can you handle the tease?
- Arcade: At times, some fun games which make a lot of sense, do not belong to any category. So if you want something different you’ll get it at Arcade.
- Strategy: If you wanna get set for life, you need to plan up for it? Games that force you to think ahead. You think and plan for the future in real life too, could you put it to practice in the imaginary world of
- Racing: Vroom…vroom…vrooooom!!! Does that only mean racing? Well Zapak redefines racing. This speedy action is not restricted to just wheels, find new ways to compete in the fast lane!!!
- Sports: Does your busy schedule keep you away from your sporty passion? Not anymore. Take time out to Golf, Pool, Basketball and more on Zapak Sport zone. Less energy, no time waste and richer experience. Then why make any more excuses and stay away from our passion?
Multiplayer free-to-play Games:
Pull up your competitive spirit, play your favorite games with your friend seated next to you or your brother in the United States. As a part of our Multiplayer offering we have traditional games like Chess and Reversi and new age games like Multiplayer Cricket and Connect 4. soon we would introduce Multiplayer Saanp Seedi and Card Games. You now have the option to earn chips when you win a multiplayer game and then redeem these chips for iPod Shuffle and attractive Zapak Merchandise.
Downloadable Games: has top international game titles available in the downloadable format at an Indian pricing, as India is a price sensitive market. The games’ prices are in the range of Rs. 49 to Rs. 249 for each game. In this category, we have games like Zuma, Bejeweled, Astro Pop etc., which are very popular abroad.
The player can download a Trial Version of any game in the downloadable section, which allows him to play it for 60 minutes to get a feel of the game. If he wishes to try out the advanced levels of the game, he can buy it and hence, be able to play it offline.

Last updated 24 Nov 2011